FREE Download: LINQ’s Tool Drop Calculator

The perfect addition to any working at heights risk assessment, this free calculator is modelled off a matrix that calculates the energy of a falling object based on its mass and the height it falls from.

It then simplifies this into a likely outcome in the event that tool hits someone. Outcomes range from a minor injury through to severe injuries and fatalities.

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Falling objects were the fourth highest cause of workplace fatalities in Australia from 2012–2016 and are also responsible for a significant number of workplace injuries, resulting in 3515 compensation claims in 2014–15 alone.

Any trade or task involving heights and the need to use tools – or where a hard hat may be worn – should use tool lanyards and tethers, as well as the LINQ Height Safety free Tool Drop Calculator as part of a working at heights risk assessment.

For another height safety asset, click on the image below to download LINQ’s Tool Lanyard Catalogue.